Impression Is The Key To Shine Bloggers!!

Qualities of BloggingHave you ever thought that why some bloggers and their blogs are so much popular than yours or anyone else’s on the web? Why they have so much of visitors, subscribers and readership? Why they get a slew of tweets, shares and pins for their posts? And lastly have you ever thought that how they have achieved these milestones? I’ve personally asked these questions to my colleagues and to some other people who are actively working on or have interest in content creation & marketing, social media, blogging and other arenas of internet and online marketing. Almost everyone answered the same way, like:  their writing is fresh, posts are unique and interesting, they write about different topics every time which readers are actually looking for. Besides, they market their content very well through different social media channels and also optimize their blogs well which eventually help them achieve such great results.

Now, technically those answers are correct. Those factors are really needed to gain popularity and success. But I still wasn’t fully satisfied. Because many people told me that they’ve been actively blogging for many years but haven’t seen much success. Besides, I have seen many blogs on the web that are being updated regularly but when it comes to readership, number of visitors they got almost nothing. Why? What’s the missing point? Well the answer was always there in my mind and I’m sure you’d agree with me on that.

As a blogger, writer or author it’s all about the “IMPRESSION” (obviously a good impression friends) you create or need to create in front of your audience, that eventually takes you to the pinnacle. Okay, let me explain it more precisely. Tell me friends, which is the one thing you would eagerly want to create in front of your boss if you are doing a job? One thing that as a business owner you would want to create in front of your clients and/or customers? One thing that students want to create in front of their teachers/professors? Just think about your personal experiences and try to find out that ‘One Thing’. Well if you’re still confused then let me tell you it’s the “IMPRESSION” that everyone wants to create in front of others. Impression is the first thing that you as a blogger, writer or author would want to create on your readers; it’s the SOUL of blogging and a blogger!

Ask a simple question to yourself, as a reader why you would want to read my (can be any other blogger or writer) posts time and again? Obviously your (and mine too) answer would be worthy information, great tips, wonderful writing approach and so on. That’s true, but have you ever thought about the Impression that blogger or writer has created in front of you and others through his/her posts? Think about it friends, impression is the thing that drives you, me and everyone else to read posts of any particular blogger every time they write something new. Now how to create that Impression as a blogger? It’s not so difficult my friends, but it needs your honest efforts, time and patience. Remember, if they can, then you can as well. You just need to think a bit more, research and plan about the presentation part. Believe in yourself and remember that we all are blessed with unique qualities, we just need to brush them up to make them glow & shine more!

Below are 8 ways to create that IMPRESSION as a good blogger or writer:

1. Writing Approach: Readers always try to make an impression about your personality through your writing approach. Your writing approach conveys that, how much you are willing to have a conversation with the readers and how much you actually want to help others? So always have a gentle, soft and friendly approach in your writing. Remember, readers always want a friend who can guide them well. So, the more you become friendly through your writing, the more readers would want to interact with you through comments to know and learn more. Once they find you as a nice and friendly person, they would definitely want to revisit your blog, subscribe to your feeds and follow you on different social networking platforms as well.

2. Maintaining The Flow of Writing: As a blogger you always need to maintain a proper flow in your writing. This makes the readers continue reading your post till the end without losing their interest. For example: implementing and sharing real experiences or evidences related to the topic you are writing really connect the readers with you personally and help you keep up the flow of writing or may be you can share some incidents you’ve come across while researching about the topic or while writing the post. But remember, whatever you sharing got to have a connection with the topic. Otherwise readers will get distracted and lose interest.

3. Choosing Topic: I’ve read many blog posts where the authors have recommended avoiding topics that have already been discussed on the web and choosing fresh new topics. Well choosing a new topic is always good; people want to read something new every time. But writing about an old topic is not bad at all. Remember everyone has his/her own voice and writing style and a good blogger can present an old topic in a completely different way with some new ingredients in it. Let me give you a simple example: during the hiring process a company invites many candidates for the interview, but selects only the best candidates among all. Now how the best candidates are selected? Depending upon how and in what way they answer the questions. Point to be noted that all the candidates get almost the same questions to answer but only the best people get the opportunity. So while blogging you can always write about an old topic, the important thing is how you can make it different and more interesting from the others. Keep one thing in your mind that readers are hungry and your content is their food. If you can present an old topic with a complete new look and make it more informative, then readers will happily accept that.

4. Connect With Your Readers: As I’ve already discussed in point no. 2, that sharing or implementing real evidences and experience in your posts helps you maintain the flow of writing and also connects your readers with you and your posts, makes your posts interesting and worth reading. Besides, another way to connect with your readers is asking questions and then explaining them too. This really creates an impression that you are always open to interact with your readers, which they actually want.

5. Make It Easily Understandable: Don’t take blogging as a literature competition where you have to write heavy English words or show your language skills. Remember people read your posts to learn, gather information and knowledge. So always write in an easy way, easy English and concentrate more on making your posts easily understandable. Readers like and prefer this much more.

6. Don’t Emphasize on the Commercial Value Only, Mix It Up With Personal Touch: As professional blogger or writer I know you need to emphasize on the commercial value of your posts, like: getting leads, ads, promoting your services etc. But I recommend not to concentrate on the commercial part only rather mix it up with personal touch. Just try taking your posts to a personal level and touch the pain points of the readers. Your blog traffic as well as the commercial value will automatically increase.

7. Inspire Your Readers: Always inspire and tell the readers that like others they can also do the same things. It’s a truth that everyone has the magic-box inside them, but most don’t know how to open the box and show them up in front of the others. So keep on inspiring your readers. Ask them questions, ask them to think, to research. It’s a great way to connect with people.

8. Networking & Interacting: The most important aspect of blogging and the most important characteristic of a blogger. People only get to know you, about your qualities and abilities when you interact and network with them. Remember, no one is going to reach you, until you show yourself up in front of them. So always network and interact with other bloggers, writers and business owners via different blogging communities and social networking platforms. Try solving their problems, ask questions, answer questions, visit theirs blogs, social profiles, interact with them and show your expertise on a regular basis. This will make them remember you, drag them to your blog. Because at some point they’d also want to know more about you. Networking is something that helps you get valuable traffic and if you’ve the potential then it can open up the door for endless business opportunities for you!

I hope you all will find these tips helpful and if I’ve missed something then please let me know via comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Till then Happy Blogging and God Bless You All!! 🙂

[Image Credit: The Art of Blogging by mkhmarketing – Text Added]

About Alex Bond

Alex Bond, is the owner, editor and author at Search Engine Talks (SETalks). He is an Independent Online/Internet/Digital Marketing Consultant with more than 9 years of industry experience, specializing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM-PPC (Search Engine Marketing-Pay Per Click), Social Media Marketing and Advertising, Blogging, Web Analytics, Web Designing and so many other verticals of Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Talks (SETalks) is his creation, through which he shares his personal experience, knowledge and tips on all the aspects of Online and Internet Marketing Industry.


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10 Responses to Impression Is The Key To Shine Bloggers!!

  1. Lori says:

    You provide very helpful tips in your blog Alex! You’re absolutely right, impression is the name of the game. Great job, I look forward to more of your posts!

    • Alex Bond says:

      Thanks so much for such lovely words of encouragement Lori! I truly appreciate them all and am so glad to that you stopped by and read the post! God Bless and wishing you a wonderful day ahead! 🙂

  2. Excellent article, Alex. I absolutely agree that impression is the name of the game. I love your statement, “Believe in yourself and remember that we all are blessed with unique qualities, we just need to brush them up to make them glow & shine more!” This definitely shines, my friend!

    • Alex Bond says:

      Thanks so much Robin! Your thoughts and views are always important to me! I’m so glad that you visited my site and also took your time to read the post! Am just honored! Thanks again for such a lovely and encouraging note! God Bless! 🙂

  3. Caroline says:

    Alex – excellent first article. I can so relate to – “Don’t take blogging as a literature competition where you have to write heavy English words or show your language skills.” – takes me back to school where we were taught to write in a certain way, but that’s quite wrong fo Blogs and the internet.

    • Alex Bond says:

      Thank You Very Much Caroline! 🙂 I totally agree with your point! I’ve come across many people who still ask what kind of words they need to use while writing an article for their blog? They still are confused and spend a lot of time thinking about this. So it’s always better to keep things simple and write your posts in an easy to understand way.

      Lastly, I really appreciate you stopped by and read the post! Thanks so much for such wonderful and encouraging words! God Bless and wish you a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  4. Nice for a first blog! First impressions are important and with a blog it’s so easy to go on and on and bore the reader to death! Which means I’ll never go back. Love your tips and image, too. Favorite line: “Remember, no one is going to reach you, until you show yourself up in front of them.” Enjoy the day!

    • Alex Bond says:

      I totally and undoubtedly agree with your views Laurie! Thanks so much for dropping by and taking the time to read the post! I’m truly glad that you loved the tips and the image! Wish you a lovely weekend and God Bless! 🙂

  5. Marilyn says:

    Blogging credibility can be achieved in many ways. But yes those points make that credibility possible. Also knowing the audience is important too, depending on the audience you have to blog in a way that relates to them. Business blogging is completely different from blogging for fun. Love your points, thanks

  6. Great points, Alex. Connecting with your audience and making a good impression is where it’s at when it comes to writing. People need to be able to get a sense of who you are while they’re reading your blog.

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