5 Mistakes That Make Visitors Exit Your Blog Or Website

Are You Showing Visitors The Way To Exit From Your Blog?

There is nothing better than having your own real estate for the growth of your business. For example if your business has an online presence, then the first real estate you would want to have is your own website or blog that represents your brand to the entire online population. Right? Besides, if I may ask you personally that what does your website mean to you and your business? In simple words, I’d say that your website is your “office online”, live and open 24 x 7 x 365, so that people can stop by and get to know about your business, your products or services and can learn different things. So no wonder it’s one of the most valuable assets of your business and I believe you do every possible thing to create a wonderful website, so that it can attract the most number of visitors offering great value to them and serve your business the best. Read More »

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Impression Is The Key To Shine Bloggers!!

Qualities of Blogging

Have you ever thought that why some bloggers and their blogs are so much popular than yours or anyone else’s on the web? Why they have so much of visitors, subscribers and readership? Why they get a slew of tweets, shares and pins for their posts? And lastly have you ever thought that how they have achieved these milestones? I’ve personally asked these questions to my colleagues and to some other people who are actively working on or have interest in content creation & marketing, social media, blogging and other arenas of internet and online marketing. Almost everyone answered the same way, like: their writing is fresh, posts are unique and interesting, they write about different topics every time which readers are actually looking for. Besides, they market their content very well through different social media channels and also optimize their blogs well which eventually help them achieve such great results. Read More »

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