About Search Engine Talks..

About Search Engine TalksSearch Engine Talks (aka #SETalks) is a step towards serving business owners globally, helping them achieve a strong online presence and teaching them about all the aspects of Online & Digital Marketing. It’s not just a company rather it’s an institute where people can work, learn and grow. Search Engine Talks was initially founded by Alex Bond (aka AB) in September, 2012 and then in 2013, he was joined by his younger sister Jessica Bond (aka JB) and his cousin sister Elizabeth Bond (aka EB). So you can say that search engine talks is a healthy home-made recipe full of home-made spices and flavors! đŸ˜‰

After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in Business Administration Alex got an opportunity to work in a software company in San Francisco, California in 2005 and after spending 7 and half years of his career there he then moved back to Nevada again in July, 2012 and soon after he went to India in September, 2012 to take part in a research project as a project leader. That’s the time when Alex actually decided that he will start his own digital marketing company and before leaving the States he took the first step toward becoming an entrepreneur by creating his own Facebook Business Page called Search Engine Talks With Alex Bond andthings started to roll in the right direction.

For a period of 1 year he had been networking with his clients, friends and all his small business owner friends (located in US, UK, Canada and other parts of the globe) from India, as he was located there and was busy with his research project. It really wasn’t really easy for him to handle the research project and the clients all alone. There was a time when he felt that things started to become very tough for him. But he kept on moving forward without losing his confidence and then in July, 2013 his sisters joined him and took the pressure off of him. Jessica and Elizabeth, they both supported him very well when he actually needed it. Finally, Alex came back to the States in October, 2013 after the successful completion of the research project and in April, 2014 the whole research work and all the findings will be published together as a book called “The Digital Digging Never Ends”.

Apart from Jessica and Elizabeth there are 9 experienced and energetic peeps currently working with Alex, helping him take care of the clients and meet their needs with 100% client satisfaction. At Search Engine Talks we work in a friendly atmosphere where everyone helps each other and where everyone learns something new everyday. Our primary job is to put our clients in a “No Complaint Zone” and always make them “Smile” & “Satisfied”. We believe in a simple thing:

“Business is not about the Numbers, it’s all about People. Business is People! So instead of chasing the numbers blindly, try to make those people who work for you and do business with you happy & satisfied. Remember, when your people are happy, numbers automatically increase! – Alex Bond..”

So if you’re interested in our services and want us to help your business grow from scratch or from its current position then do contact us without any hesitation. We’d love to help you out!